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I play Overwatch

    I have grown out of Minecraft and Roblox. I play Overwatch the most now on my pc. I may start streaming sometime on twitch and if you wanna follow me my username is TinyTanMan.

    I currently “main” Mccree just because he’s my favorite obviously and also love playing Winston as a tank and zenyatta as support.

    My current rank is Gold. I know, not the best, but I hopefully will get to platinum soon. Let me know in these comments what your rank is so I can know what everyone who’s reading’s rank is. I am currently have three stars on my portrait so I am in the level 300s. 

I got a Doge

So for a long freaking time, me, my mom, and my siblings wanted a dog. My dad didn’t want one until our littlest brother who was two was potty trained and slept in his own bed. We worked hard on getting him to sleep in his own bed first. Mom would sleep with him until he fell asleep then went to her own bed. Eventually, he was able to sleep in his own bed And we were so excited. Then we got started on the hardest part, potty training. First, we started to take him to the bathroom with siblings. This part took about a month until we eventually made it so every time he pooped in the toilet, he would get a marshmellow. This took a while, but it was worth it. He got used to this and when he was almost three, he finally got used to it and didn’t have an accident for one or two weeks! We started looking for dogs. We went to a dog shelter one day when that had a free adoption day. Our guidelines for dogs that we wanted was that it can’t be a pit bull or chihuahua. This was because my parents didn’t like the high pitched loud barks chihuahuas had. I wanted a German Shepard but they were in one of the top ten dogs that are the most expensive to take care of so my parents said no. One day, when a friend came over to sleep over my parents told us that tomorrow they will be going to pick up a friend that was an old friend we never met. My siblings and I had NO idea that this was gonna be one of the best days of our lifes. About two hours of being home my mom texts me to get everyone to get their shoes on and come into the back yard. When everyone came outside I heard crying and laughing and so much happiness. We got a dog.